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Scenario Beacon Monitor

Integrated and scalable

The Atlantis Group offers interrelated services that, taken together, give your business the flexibility to plan for alternate futures, see them coming and act before they arrive. These services can be scaled to apply throughout your entire company/organization or to a single unit or product/service on a global, regional, national or local level.

Additionally, these services can be taken individually and applied to a specific business challenge requiring immediate decisions and actions.

  • Industry/competitor analysis
    This breakthrough diagnostic challenges existing thinking, distilling a very comprehensive perspective of the current industry, competitors and clearly identifying the company’s real position therein. Whatever your stated Strategy ….this will reveal the strategy currently being implemented.
  • Scenario-based strategic planning
    A proven methodology that enables your organization to cope with uncertainty, recognize beacons of change and pre-empt emerging developments to meet your goals no matter what future evolves. Organizational alignment and agility is always a powerful consequence of this work.
  • Dynamic portfolio management
    A proprietary software based, dynamic capability to manage and prioritize portfolio(s) of current products, new products, divisions, customers, countries, competitors, across time, and to instantly portray limitless combinations of “what ifs”, thereafter capturing actual results as they are accomplished.
  • Ongoing course correction
    Customization and implementation of course correction tools that will enable your entire company to sense impending change and take pre-emptive action, all synchronized within your current corporate planning calendar.
  • Consumer HealthCare NEW business opportunities.
    See The Atlantis Group Consumer HealthCare innovation toolkit to see the processes and tools that are used to address the innovation and leadership challenges faced by top management
  • Rx to OTC Switch best practices.
    See The Atlantis Group Rx/OTC Switch toolkit to see the processes and tools developed from extensive, hands-on and highly successful Switch experience in 13 countries around the world

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